OA Product Sourcing Specialist for USA Amazon Team


Love a good challenge? So do we! Come help us shake up the game as our newest Online Arbitrage Product Sourcing Specialist/Researcher/Sourcer.

We place a strong emphasis on character, not only past experience.

This is not a role for the faint of heart or those simply seeking a paycheck.

We are looking for curious and highly motivated individuals who have the mindset of a champion.

About Us
- Online retailer on the USA Amazon marketplace
- Selling for over 5 years
- 3 PH Product Sourcing Specialists

About the Role
The role involves discovering profitable name-brand items from our list of trusted suppliers for us to buy and sell on the Amazon platform, using analysis tools like Keepa. Like a stock broker, we need to buy low and sell high to generate profit.

Your Potential
Within months, you could be leading your own team through our promotion oppurtunities.

Our profit sharing plan can provide you with signficant upside in addition to our salary. We believe in incentivizing everyone toward a common goal, so all our sourcing specialists can receive an uncapped bonus from the performance of their leads.

Expectations for Success
- Self motivated and driven
- Able to improve through continuous feedback loops
- Seek feedback from your team for areas of improvement
- Effective time management
- Able to communicate effectively with your team in remote meetings
- Exclusive commitment to our team

Technical Requirements
- Fast/stable internet (10mbps+)
- Fluent in English
- Professional work station with webcam and headphones

Our Perks
- Flexible hours
- Unlimited PTO
- Paid major and local PH holidays
- Profit share plans relative to monthly performance
- Leadership development and promotion
- Long term commitment agreement

$4/hr USD for 4 Week OJT
$5/hr USD after OJT

You do not want to miss out on this oppurtunity - apply before it’s too late!

Start off your first pre-interview video section by saying "APPLE"  so we know you read this ;)